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Staging, Drapery Support & Carpet
Rental Department
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Item #
Item Description
R287-925 Stage (Queen), 4' x 8', vinyl top, requires 6 legs, specify height
R287-920 Stage (Prince), 4' x 8', ply top, requires 6 legs, specify height
R287-930 Stage (Princess), 3' x 6', ply top, requires 4 legs, specify height
R287-940 Stage (Mini Prince), 4' x 4', ply top, requires 4 legs, specify height
R287-950 Leg for 6" H platform
R287-950 Leg for 8" H platform
R287-950 Leg for 12" H platform
R287-950 Leg for 16" H platform
R287-950 Leg for 18" H platform
R287-950 Adjustable Leg for 24"-40" H platform
R287-968 Railing with hardware, 3'
Railing with hardware, 4'
Railing with hardware, 6'
Railing with hardware, 8'
Step unit, 18"h x 4'w, 3 step, black
Step unit, 27"h x 4'w, 3 step, black
Step unit, 32"h x 4'w, 4 step, black
Step unit, 8"h x 3'w, 1 step, steel
Step unit, 16"h x 3'w, 2 step, steel
Step unit, 24"h x 3'w, 3 step, steel
Hand rail for 3 step steel, pair
R287-981 Locking Clip (Prince/Princess)
R287-982 Locking Clip (King to Princess)
R287-988 Locking Clip Removal Tool (included)
Drapery Support


Item #
Item Description
R165-353 Base, 35#, 18" square with Pin & Bolt
R165-354 Telescoping Upright Pipe, 6' to 10'
R165-355 Telescoping Upright Pipe, 7' to 11'
R165-356 Telescoping Upright Pipe, 8' to 14'
R165-357 Telescoping Upright Pipe, 10' to 18'
R165-358 Horizontal Drape Pipe, 6' to 10'
R165-359 Horizontal Drape Pipe, 7' to 12'
R165-360 Horizontal Drape Pipe, 8' to 14'



Item #
Item Description
R276-050 Lectern, Plexi, 42"h-22"w-17"d, mic flange
R276-055 Lectern, Plexi, 42"h-36"w-18"d, 2 mic flange
R276-057 Lectern, Oak, 42"h-36"w-18"d, 2 mic flange
Star Drop

8 output channels for driving LEDs

Chase Patterns, stand alone or selected by the DMX Signal

Variable chase speed

Please call for more information