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Cycloramas, Floodlights & Video Kits
Rental Department
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Aladdin Series

The Ushio Aladdin series for variety size applications. For more information, please see link below


Aladdin Bi-Flex 1

Aladdin Bi-Flex 2

Aladdin Bi-Flex 4

Item #
Item Description
R220-176 Aladdin 1'x1' Bi Flex 1 Kit
R220-178 Aladdin 2'x1' Bi Flex 2 Kit
R220-180 Aladdin 4'x1' Bi Flex 4 Kit
R220-808 Gold Mount Battery
R220-810 Gold Mount Battery Charger
Ushio Pro Panel Series

The Ushio Pro Panel series for variety size applications. For more information, please see link below


Pro Panel 1'x2'

Pro Panel 2'x2'




Item #
Item Description
R135-012 Ushio Pro Panel 1'x2'
Ushio Pro Panel 2'x2'


Item #
Item Description
14" Scoop, 1K, SPG, color frame, c-clamp
18" Scoop, 1K, SPG, color frame, c-clamp
16" Focusing Scoop, 2K, SPG, color frame, c-clamp
2-way Barndoor
Softlight, 1K, SPG, color frame, c-clamp
Softlight, 2K, SPG, color frame, c-clamp, requires 2 lamps
Elation TVL 2000 LED TV Panel Light

LED TV Panel Light. Cool and Warm White LED's to mix color temperature. Color temperature range from 3200°k to 6500°k.


Item #
Item Description
Elation TVL 2000 LED TV Panel LIght
Kino Flo 4ft 4Bank Kit


4ft 4Bank Fixture
4Bank Select Ballast
MTP-BL41 Mount w/Baby Receiver
25ft extension
Lamp Case
Soft Case


Item #
Item Description
KINO Flo 4ft 4Bank Kit
Zylight F8-200 Fresnel

Check me out for more information


Ask us for Battery Operated version


Item #
Item Description
Zylight F8-200
Zylight Fresnel

For more information click link

See me in action



Item #
Item Description
Zylight Fresnel
Video Kits


Item #
Item Description
R220-213 Lowel DP, 3 head, 1K, with stand & accessories
R220-211 Lowel DP, 4 head, 1K, with stands & accessories
R220-210 Lowel Omni, 3 head, 1K, with stands & accessories