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Club & Party Lights
Rental Department
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Zylight F8-B:

Built on our 100% silent and field-proven F8 platform, the F8-B delivers the latest in blacklight LED technology with no lenses to change, no filters to check, and no fixed beam patterns to limit your creativity. Emitting a powerful narrow band of UV light, that’s the power of Tru365TM.

Indiglow Tube:

18watt LED Tube

Item #
Item Description
R134-240 Zylight F8-B UV Fresnel
R134-208 2 Indiglow LED Tubes Blacklight Fixture
Item #
Item Description
R136-150 Diversitronics Mark II Strobe, DMX
R136-144 Strobe Runner controller, DMX in/out, audio gain
R136-140 Universal Strobe Controller, DMX, 4 way controller
R136-102 Diversitronics SuperStrobe
R136-103 SuperStrobe controller
R136-105 SuperStrobe dual controller
R136-130 Par 64 Strobe Cannon
R136-131 Strobe Cannon controller
R136-135 S100 Medium Strobe
R136-136 S100 controller
R136-153 Star Strobe
Mirror Balls

Please specify rotor at time of order.


Item #
Item Description
R133-312 12" Mirror Ball w/rotor & case
R133-316 16" Mirror Ball w/rotor & case
R133-320 20" Mirror Ball w/rotor & case
R133-324 24" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-336 36" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-348 48" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-399 Mirror ball floor stand with rotor for 12" ball
R133-380 Rotor, 1 RPM, for 24"-48" ball
R133-395 Rotor DMX for 12"-20" ball
H2O LED Water Effect

To view H2O LED in action please click here



Item #
Item Description
R134-681 H20 LED 10W LED simulated water flowing effect
Party Lights

To view fixtures in action please click on links

Chauvet Scorpion Bar RG
Jelly Fish
Micro Galaxian
Micro Royal Galaxian
Micro Sky
Quad Phase HP
Rotoballs Tri LED
Spherion Tri LED
Vertigo Hex LED



Item #
Item Description
R134-372 Vertigo - 30 rotating beams
R134-692 Jellyfish
R134-374 Aggressor - 20 lenses
R134-698 Micro Galaxian
R134-700 Micro Royal Galaxian
R134-696 Quad Phase HP
R134-705 Galaxian 3D
R134-707 Galaxian Sky
R134-689 Roto Balls Tri LED
R134-693 Spherion Tri LED
Bubble Machine & Confetti Canon
Item #
Item Description
R131-300 Bubble Machine BU-350
R131-312 Bubble Machine Bubbletron
R131-400 Air Mortar Confetti Cannon
R131-420 Regulator, with hose
R275-845 CO2 tank, empty
Beacons and Pinspot Bars
Item #
Item Description
R120-003 Pin Spot Bar, 6 light, chrome
R120-000 Pin Spot Bar, 6 light, black
R120-009 Pin Spot PAR 36, Black PBG
R120-010 Pin Spot PAR 36, Chrome PBG
R134-735 6" Beacon LED Red
R134-260 8" Beacon, revolving mirror
R134-261 8" Red Dome for Beacon
R134-262 8" Blue Dome for Beacon
R134-270 12" Beacon, spinning par lamps
R134-271 12" Red Dome for Beacon
R134-272 12" Blue Dome for Beacon
R134-274 12" Clear Dome for Beacon
Buffet Stands

Available in chrome only

Item #
Item Description
Please Call Par 46 Buffet Stands
Carnival String

Please specify lamp wattage, color, and shape at time of order.

Item #
Item Description
R134-454 Carnival String 25', lamps 24" on center
R134-455 Carnival String 40', lamps 24" on center
R134-456 Carnival String 70', lamps 30" on center