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Mirror Balls
Rental Department
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Mirror Balls

Please specify rotor at time of order.

Item #
Item Description
R133-312 12" Mirror Ball w/rotor & case
R133-316 16" Mirror Ball w/rotor & case
R133-320 20" Mirror Ball w/rotor & case
R133-324 24" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-330 30" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-336 36" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-348 48" Mirror Ball - order rotor separately
R133-399 Mirror ball floor stand with rotor for 12" ball
R133-000 Mirror ball Cylinder (3 available)
R133-380 Rotor, 1 RPM, for 24"-48" ball
R133-395 Rotor DMX for 12"-20" ball
Pin Spot



  • 6volt 30watt Par 36

Item #
Item Description
Please call Pin spot