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Truss, Pipe, Etc.
Rental Department
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Truss & Rigging
Item #
Item Description
  Triangle Truss, 10' x12"
R165-534 9' 10" section - three meters
R165-530 3' 3" section - one meter
R165-535 90 degree Corner.
R165-536 90 degree Corne.
R165-537 90 degree Left Ground Support.
R165-538 90 degree Right Ground Support.
R165-540 Outrigger
R165-549 Base Plate
  Touring Truss, 12" x 12"
R165-635 5' section
R165-638 8' section
R165-640 10' section
R165-641 15' section
R165-650 5-way Corner
R165-654 Hinge Angle
R165-620 Floor Plate, 150 lb., 6' x 4'
R165-655 Floor Plate, 2' x 2'
  Plasma Mount for 12" Box Truss
  Touring Truss 20" x 20"
R165-680 5' section
R165-685 10' section
R165-689 5-way Corner
R165-620 Floor Plate, 150 lb., 6' x 4'
R165-690 Floor Plate, 3' x 3'
R165-626 Truss System Goalie Post
R165-570 Truss 11 7/16" Circle 13.12"
R124-478 Thomas Bar, without intruments
R165-723 Spanset, 3'
R165-726 Spanset, 6'
R165-729 Spanset, 9'
R165-625 PVC Truss Protector
R165-741 5/8" Shackle
R165-740 1/2" Shackle
R165-399 Airwall Hanger with G-clamp
R165-400 Airwall Hanger
R165-401 I-Beam Bracket
R165-405 Lamp Bar Hanger, 7"
R165-410 Lamp Bar Hanger, 10"
R165-415 Lamp Bar Hanger, 24"
R165-024 Double C-clamp
R165-398 Roto Lock Clamp, 1.5"
R165-022 C-clamp for 2.5" OD Pipe
R165-403 Pole Bracket
R165-406 Pole Bracket, 3' x 5'
Pipe, Base & Stands
Item #
Item Description
  1 1/2" Pipe - Threaded Both Ends
R165-362 2' Pipe
R165-363 3' Pipe
R165-364 4' Pipe
R165-365 5' Pipe
R165-366 6' Pipe
R165-367 7' Pipe
R165-368 8' Pipe
R165-369 9' Pipe
R165-370 10' Pipe
R165-371 11' Pipe
R165-372 12' Pipe
R165-374 14' Pipe
R165-393 Pipe Coupler
R165-395 Pipe End Cap with Ring
R165-382 Pipe Thread Protector (Black Cap)
R165-220 50 lb. Base, 24" round
R165-100 15 lb. Sandbag
R165-105 35 lb. Sandbag
R165-396 Cheeseboro, Fixed
R165-397 Cheeseboro, Swivel
R165-450 Side Arm with c-clamp, 18"
R165-452 Side Arm with c-clamp, 24"
R165-454 Side Arm with c-clamp, 30"
R165-459 Sliding T for Side Arm
R165-179 Floor Plate, 8" x 14" low profile
R165-180 Floor Plate, 9" x9" with 3" stud
Grip Stands & Hardware
Item #
Item Description
C Stand, Sliding Leg, Double Riser
Lifts & Ladders
Item #
Item Description
R165-750 Genie ST-24 with outriggers
R165-755 Genie ST-25 with outriggers
R165-760 Fork Adapters for ST-24
R275-506 6' Step Ladder
R275-508 8' Step Ladder
R275-510 10' Step Ladder
R275-512 12' Step Ladder