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Ellipsoidal Spotlights
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ETC Source 4

Click here to see which lens barrel you need based on the distance to your subject.

Item #
Item Description
ETC Source 4, 575w, SPG, color frame, c-clamp, safety cable. **Specify lens barrel**
R105-050 ETC Source 4, White, 575w, PBG, color frame, c-clamp, safety cable, 36° lens.
ETC Source 4, 750w, SPG, color frame, c-clamp, safety cable. **Specify lens barrel**
50° lens barrel
36° lens barrel
26° lens barrel
19° lens barrel
10° lens barrel
5° lens barrel
Drop-In Iris
6.25" Donut
Pattern Holder "A" size
Pattern Holder "B" size
Pattern Holder, Glass
ETC LED Source Four Lustr+ 1 and 2

Source Four LED Lust+ luminaires offer flexible, expansive color-mixing with the x7 Color System. Features the same functions as traditional Source Four Fixtures, with the user interface and customizable settings of a Selador Desire LED luminaire.

Item #
Item Description
 please call  ETC LED Source Four Lustr+ 1 and 2
Chauvet Ovation E-910 FC LED Ellipsoidal

Click here to view in action

Ovation E-910FC is fully featured color mixing ERS-style fixture. It features full RGBA-Lime color mixing with output rivaling an incandescent fixture. Sacrifice nothing when it comes to control options with modes providing full 16-bit dimming (per color and master), selectable PWM, RDM and on-board dimming curve selection. Also accessible is our Virtual Color Wheel which matches popular gel colors when projected by a tungsten source, in addition we have added color temperature presets from 2800 to 6500 K that match a tungsten source to perfection.

Item #
Item Description
R135-030 Chauvet Ovation E-910 FC LED Ellipsoidal
36° lens barrel
50° lens barrel
Altman Micro Ellipse


Item #
Item Description
R101-017 Altman Micro Ellipse, 75w MR-16, color frame, c-clamp, safety cable
 R167-000  Pattern Holder