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How to search the PREMIER website
Some Basic Information
How to search for products on the PREMIER website
Here’s a basic rundown on how to search our sales catalog.

Looking for a specific item in our sales catalog? Here are a few different ways you can search our website.

Search on product pages
On most of our sales pages, you'll see a search box in the left sidebar. SImply type in the product or brand you're looking for! Start search

Truss and gobo products are not currently listed in the search directory, but we're working to include them in the future. In the meantime, you'll find all of our truss products here. And you can search for gobos alphabetically or by manufacturer number on our Rosco gobo page and Apollo gobo page.

Search by index
We have an extensive product index where you can find virtually all of our product categories. Just click the category and you'll be directed to the appropriate page.

Give us a call
Feel free to contact our Sales team at (818) 762-0884. We'd be happy to help you find the perfect lighting fixture or product for your needs.