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New Products
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Astera Hydra Panel Single Set with Light Sock Mini Kit

Kit of 1 HydraPanel with beam modifiers and mounting accessories stored in a durable protective plastic case. With The Lightsock Mini holds either 2 DMG Dash, 1 Astera Hydrapanel, 2 Aputure MC (Complete with siders, bag, and baby pin).

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
hydra/lightsock mini kit Astera Hydra Panel Single Set with Light Sock Mini Kit  -  *More Info* $550.00 Buy

Swisson XMT-500 DMX tester & RDM/Ethernet Controller

The basic functionalities of the XMT-500 include useful features for DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, signal testing as well as cable testing. While the DMX functionality allows to send values to any DMX channel or observe received signals, the RDM features help to locate and remotely configure RDM-compliant fixtures. Moreover, sACN and Art-Net commands can be sent or viewed in the receive mode. Signal testing helps to check for signal integrity and provides real-time insights into the flow of data-packages and monitors timing aspects of DMX & RDM. Sometimes, issues are simply caused by faulty cables, the cable testing feature scans all pin connections in any 3-pin or 5-pin DMX cable as well as RJ-45 cable automatically. Thanks to the cable test dongle, even installed cables can be easily tested.

A full-color, backlit display provides high contrast visibility while the intuitive menu system and multifunction soft keys make navigation easy. The high-capacity internal Li-ion battery is compatible with common USB-C chargers.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
10-30-50 Swisson XMT-500 DMX tester & RDM/Ethernet Controller  -  *More Info* $620.00 Buy

ADJ ElectraPix Par 7

The ADJ Lighting ElectraPix Par 7 is a IP65-rated, battery powered, wireless DMX LED fixture. It features seven 20-Watt Hex Color LED (RGBAL+UV), Aria X2 wireless DMX and has a battery life up to 20 hours.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
810087372729 ADJ ElectraPix Par 7  -  *More Info* $1,399.95 $999.99 Buy

Eliminator Lighting Vortex

The Eliminator Vortex is a classic moonflower effect with a barrel mirrored scanner that produced multiple razor-sharp 5-degree beams of light powered by an 80W LED engine. It features 10 Color/GOBOs combinations, GOBO shake effect, mesmerizing strobe effects and has 6 built-in light shows.

The Vortex may be controlled by DMX, Remote Device Management (RDM), sound activation or in show mode from a 4-buttom control menu with a digital display. The quick barrel movements run 180-degrees on the X-axis and 260-degrees on the Y-axis. The beams may be focused from manual focusing knob.

A great effect for those who love fast moving scanner, the Vortex is compact and lightweight, making it a great effect for venues with low ceilings or tight spaces, bars, lounges, roller rinks, jump parks and fun centers.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
VOR100 Eliminator Lighting Vortex   -  *More Info* $799.95 $599.99 Buy

Eliminator Lighting Cosmic Burst

The Eliminator Lighting Cosmic Burst is a futuristic Moonflower effect with high output powered by a 10W laser module. It creates hundreds of white, yellow, green and blue beams of light that rotate back and forth from two independent mirror dishes. Its massive beam spread makes it ideal for projecting on ceilings and walls at nightclubs, roller rinks, fun centers, stages and live events, and works with or without the use of atmosphere in the air (fog/haze).

The Cosmic Burst has 5 built-in lightshows and two DMX channel modes that allow users to customize their light experience. The bright OLED display with 4-button menu allows for quick and easy control of this fixture.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
COS100 Eliminator Lighting Cosmic Burst  -  *More Info* $699.95 $499.99 Buy

Elation KL Profile FC Zoomable Ellipsoidal
  • Compact Zooming Ellipsoidal
  • Extended Color RGBMA LED Engine, 92 CRI
  • Exceeding 10.000 lumens
  • Integrated Rotating Gobo Slot
  • Full Blackout Manual Framing System
  • Wide Zoom Range from 7° to 50°
  • Optional Fresnel Wash Conversion Kit
  • 7.5” Front Accessory Holder
  • Includes 7.5" gel frame, 10 theatrical glass gobos
  • elation-kl-profile-fc-front
    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    KLP412 Elation KL Profile FC Zoomable Ellipsoidal  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

    ADJ Hydro Profile

    Combining an immense 660-Watt LED engine, an impressive 25,000+ Lumens, and expansive feature set, ADJ’s IP65-rated Hydro Profile is a professional lighting powerhouse. A 4-blade rotatable framing system, alongside motorized zoom (6 ~ 45 degrees), motorized focus and iris, together with 2 frost filters, facilitate precise manipulation of the output. A CMY color mixing system, combined with a CTO flag and 7 slot replaceable color wheel, allow for exceptional versatility and creative freedom. Meanwhile, 2 GOBO wheels, 2 rotating prisms, and an animation wheel allow for the creation of an almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections.

    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    810087370473 ADJ Hydro Profile   -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

    ADJ Ultra LB18

    The Ultra LB18 from ADJ is a powerful and versatile linear LED wash lighting fixture, designed for permanent installation or temporary event use at indoor locations. It features 18 x 10-Watt 5-in-1 color mixing LEDs (red, green, blue, amber & lime) and a beam angle of 17 x 40-degrees. The inclusion of a lime LED chip not only increases the palette of colors available from the fixture, but also boosts the CRI of its white light output. It is supplied with brackets that can be used to set the fixture directly on the ground or to attach a clamp for truss mounting and the ends are also magnetic to allow adjacent fixtures to be quickly and easily aligned.

    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    810087370527 ADJ Ultra LB18   -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

    Chauvet FlexStand

    Sturdy, flexible stands are the backbone of your equipment. FLEXstand is the stand that defines strength, durability and flexibility. FLEXstand is a multi-purpose, telescoping stand that safely supports both lighting and audio gear. No more struggling with clamps that don’t fit stands because FLEXstand has different pole diameters to accommodate various clamps. FLEXstand is perfect for speakers too as the pole tapers into a speaker mount on top. A trigger-style safety release allows the pole to descend safely and set-up and tear down is easy without the need for any tools. The threaded pole can be inserted into multiple positions for different applications and a cast iron base includes rubber feet that won’t scratch delicate floors and allows for quick retrieval.

    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    Chauvet FlexStand  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

    Chauvet GigBar Move

    Ultimate gig lighting convenience, versatility and power is packed into GigBAR Move, a 5-in-1 lighting system that includes moving heads, derbies, washes, a laser and strobe effect pre-mounted on a single bar. That means a complete light show is available from this single system that includes a tripod, wireless footswitch and FREE carry bags to ensure quick setup. The moving heads have separate color and gobo wheels to enhance creative programming possibilities, plus built-in Totem Mode to keep the moving heads focused on the dance floor. Individual control of each effect ensures your show looks the way you need it to and events can be energized with dynamic effects like built-in UV LEDs to illuminate florescent objects and make them pop. Controlling GigBAR Move is also easy. Stand-alone control, DMX, wireless IRC-6 remote or wireless footswitch options are all on board. GigBAR Move is also compatible with GigBAR 2 in master/slave mode for huge coverage and dynamic light shows.

    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    gigbarmove Chauvet GigBar Move  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call