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Limited Quantity Sale/Clearance
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Limited Quantity Sale/Clearance

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Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
660-261 Azden 31XT Plug In Transmitter A4(1 available) $20.00 Buy
660-250 Azden VHF Instrument Transmitter 31IT(1 available) $20.00 Buy
660-251 Azden Wireless 31IT transmitter A4(1 available) $20.00 Buy
163-905 Lens Tube Altman Ellipsoidal 3.5" x 10 (4 available) $25.00 Buy
163-901 Lens Tube Altman Ellipsoidal 3.5" x 6 (8 available) $45.00 Buy
231-311 Omni Light Protective Screen 01-19 Call for price Please Call
TRUSS-1.64ft (0.5m) 3 way T-Junction *Black*(1 available)  -  *More Info* $295.00 Buy
DMX3PIN DMX Terminator Plug 3-pin (economy) **Limited Stock**(5 available)  -  *More Info* $5.15 Buy
RX332 Lux Cherry Rose $8.60 Buy
RX07 Lux Pale Yellow $8.60 Buy
RX06 Lux No Color Straw $8.60 Buy
RX4615 CalColor15 Red 4615 $8.60 Buy
RX4630 CalColor30 Red 4630 $8.60 Buy
RX4660 CalColor60 Red 4660 $8.60 Buy
RX4690 CalColor90 Red 4690 $8.60 Buy
098197837776 Bulb 60W Nostalgia Era G-40 Squirrel Cage Filament (Amber Medium Base)  -  *More Info* $8.00 Buy