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Standard Glass Gobos
Rosco Image Glass
Refract and bend light into patterns of light and gray scale images using Image Glass. Transform an image into other textures by altering the sharp focus. Image Glass can also be combined with Colorizers to create unbelievable effects. Create animated effects by using Image Glass gobos in Double Gobo Rotators combined with steel or glass gobos. Online ordering for B size patterns.
Image Glass Patterns $45.00
Flower Lined Plume Light Plume Pebble
33600 33601 33602 33603 33604

Honeycomb Waves Irregular Strands Banded Lines Lazy Swirls
33605 33606 33607 33608 33609

Basket Weave Pin Feathers Fractured Layers Winter Frost Random Blisters
33610 33611 33612 33613 33614

Coalescing Bubbles Raised Mosaic Hammered Wood Grain Ripples
33615 33616 33617 33618 33619

Ice Dune

Rosco Prismatics

Project magnificent multi-colored textures using Prismatics, made up of tiny chips of dichroic colored glass. Remarkable moving effects can be created by using Primatics by itself or by combining it with steel or glass patterns or by using them in the Double gobo Rotator. Six different color styles come in B-size for 600 W ellipsoidal spotlights. Moving Light sizes available by special order only.

Prismatics $79.00
Kaleidoscope Cool Lavender Spring Greens Sunset Blue Water Flaming Sun
43801 43802 43803 43804 43805 43806

Rosco Colorwaves

Rosco Image Glass is coated with brilliant dichroic color. The results offer a remarkable and unique combination of color, texture, blending, and shading. Online ordering for B size patterns. Moving light sizes available by special order.

Colorwaves $95.00

Red Amber Magenta Cyan Indigo
33101 33102 33103 33104 33105
Red Amber Magenta Cyan Indigo
33201 33202 33203 33204 33205
Red Amber Magenta Cyan Indigo
33301 33302 33303 33304 33305