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Curtain Track
Standard Duty Curved Track
Standard Duty Straight Track
Light Duty Curved Track
Please call for information on Heavy Duty Straight and Curved Track
If you are buying Curtain Track for the first time, please call. We'd be happy to assist you.

Ordering Curtain Track involves a few basic considerations, such as:

... Will the track require a draw cord or will it be a walk-along?

... How much storage space is required to store the drapery?

... What is the length of the draw cord?

Draw curtains are normally bi-parting front, back, or mid-stage curtains; or one-way draw scrims and cycloramas.

Walk-along curtains are usually cycloramas or back curtains and do not require a draw cord.

To determine the length of a draw cord; add the total length of the track and the height from the track to the floor; double this figure and add a 2% safety factor. It is much better to have a little extra cord.

To determine the length of track required for a bi-parting curtain; take the length of the proscenium opening, add 20% for stacking curtains at the ends and 4 feet for the center overlap.

Stacking space for drapery is determined by adding the length of the master carrier, approximately 3 inches, the length of the end pulley, 4-6 inches, the stacking space for each carrier, 1-2.5 inches, plus an additional 10% allowance for fabric bunching.

Curtain track is sold on a per foot basis, with necessary parts for a standard installation. For a bi-parting curtain this includes the track channel, cut to the nearest foot, one pair of master carriers, one single carrier per foot of track, one live end pulley, one dead end pulley, one tension floor pulley, two overlap clamps, necessary hanging clamps, two end stops and cord support, and curtain cord as specified.

Cyclorama Systems
Cyclorama tracks are equipped with curtains which are normally hung at the sides and rear in order to enclose an area on three sides. I beam track is used for stage and studio cyc installations where the operator walks the curtain to an to an open or closed position. The track can be factory curved or curved on-the-job. No cord or pulleys are supplied with "walk-along" track.

PREMIER is happy to loan a bending tool with the purchase of Curtain Track. A full-value deposit will be required.

Draw Curtain Machine
Instant reversing motor operates at a speed of 86 ft/min. Built in limit switch with chain guard to automatically pre-set desired travel of curtain.

Use to transfer drapes from one track to another for flexible setup or storage offstage.