Source 4 Led and Kreios
Professional High Quality, Full Color, Transparecy Gobo within 8 hours
Source 4 Led and Kreios
Source 4 LED and Kreios are available through our rental department
Fixtures available for purchase
The perfect solution for high-performance image projection!

With these lighting fixtures you can project virtually any image.

Source 4 LED has expansive color-mixing with the x7 color system. Features the same functions as the traditional Source 4 575 watt fixtures.

Kreois LED with an output of 800 lumens using 20w of power delivers an image of the gobo with a very even distribution of light.

Project your logo in Full Color!

of transparency image projection from our production department
Item Description Rental Price
Source 4 LED with color transparency gobo $175.00 for 3 days
Source 4 LED with black and white transparency gobo $150.00 for 3 days
Kreios LED with transparency gobo $99.00 for 3 days
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Wide variety of images accepted!
When preparing images for printing a transparency, it is important to consider image resolution. The higher your image resolution, the sharper it will be when projected at large scale. We recommend a minimum setting of 300 dpi for graphics work, and 600 dpi for photographic images. Please submit images in JPEG format at 4" x 4".
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Make custom images a part of your event!
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