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Color Filter Accessories
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EuroColor, Roscolux

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Marking Pencils for Color Filters
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
grease-w Grease Pencil, white $1.30 Buy
grease-b Grease Pencil, black $1.30 Buy

Roscolux and Eurocolor Color Filters

Color Filter for your lighting needs

Please select the brand of choice below

Roscolux $6.90 a sheet

Eurocolor $5.60 a sheet

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
Roscolux and Eurocolor Color Filters Call for price Please Call

Rosco Light Lab Edition

This edition contains a 6.5" x 12" (16.5cm x 30.5cm) sample of each color and diffusion. This large size allows a part of the sample to be used in an ellipsoidal spotlight - and still have half the sheet left in the book. Users will find all the familiar data, such as a wavelength chart and transmission data printed on the full size sheets behind each filter.

The book is bound with clasping book rings for easy removal of gels. In addition to the colors, each book is equipped with two Rosco safety frames, 6.25" (15.87cm) and 7.5" (19.05cm), a plastic pouch for saving cut gel, and a Rosco gel marker.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
950SBLEL0612 Rosco Light Lab Edition $150.00 $150.00 Buy

Rosco Super Heat Shield

Rosco's Super Heat Shield Filter deflects heat from the color filter, minimizing the effects of high temperatures. Properly used, it increases the life of color filters in very hot fixtures without reducing light transmission.

Super Heat Shield deflects convected heat due to an extremely heat stable polymer base and properties inherent in its resin. Super Heat Shield is generally used to protect color filters in long range applications, especially when using dark colors such as blues and greens.

Super Heat Shield should be positioned between the lens and the color filter, allowing space on each side of the filter for the escape of heated air. Extenders which allow at least 1/2" of air space on each side of the Super Heat Shield will permit adequate venting and insure the longevity of the Super Heat Shield filter.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
148-245 Super Heat Shield 24" x 24" sheet $14.75 $14.75 Buy
148-247 Super Heat Shield 24" x 50' roll $349.50 $349.50 Buy

Gel Storage Drawers
Heavy gauge two-inch deep corrugated cardboard drawer and sleeve that accepts 20" x 24" sheets of gel. Shipped assembled, six to a case. rosco-gel-storage-drawer.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
110086100000 Gel Storage Drawers, set of six $125.00 Buy