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ETC S4 Ellipsoidal Fixture Parts
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
HW8144 Source 4 Handle 5/16-18   -  *More Info* $2.94 Buy
HW5125 Source 4 Handle Bolt 5/16-18 x 3/4"   -  *More Info* $1.00 Buy
HW5126 Source 4 Handle Washer   -  *More Info* $0.95 Buy
7060A2008 Source 4 Lamp Burner Assembly 750w(not for a jr.)  -  *More Info* $78.25 Buy
7060A4009 Source 4 Lens Tube Bushing Guide  -  *More Info* $0.65 Buy
7060A4008-01 Source 4 Lens Tube Knob  -  *More Info* $1.65 Buy
7060A2025 Source 4 Shutter Blade $4.50 Buy
7060A3025 Source 4 Knob Brass Screw back end   -  *More Info* $3.55 Buy
7060A4007 Source 4 Knob X-Y Lamp Set  -  *More Info* $1.25 Buy
7060A4008-02 Source 4 Knob Z Lamp Set  -  *More Info* $1.65 Buy
7060A4012 Source 4 Rubber Lens Holder  -  *More Info* $0.25 Buy
HW747 Source 4 Washer Wave  -  *More Info* $1.00 Buy
7060A4037 Source 4 Rear Handle for Cap Assembly  -  *More Info* $11.30 Buy
HW2181 Source 4 Screw, Self Tap, 6-32x5/8 Black Zinc  -  *More Info* $0.95 Buy
HW5193 Source 4 Bolt Hex 5/16-18x3/4" Black Zinc  -  *More Info* $0.95 Buy

Altman Parts

Any parts needed from Altman Lighting, please contact us to quote, thank you!

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
71-1014 Altman Socket Cap Assembly for 360Q, 35Q Ellipsoidal $77.25 Buy
37-0033 Altman 360QX Speed Cap Retainer $4.95 Buy
162-301 Iris for Altman 1000Q followspot(1 available) $40.00 Buy