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Pro Intercom by Technical Projects
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This line of intercom is an excellent choice for permanent and touring situations. We are particularly impressed with the construction of the belt-packs and headsets.

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Master Station

MS300 is 3 circuit, Intercom only. Wired only. 2.4

MS301 is a full featured main station with integral high capacity power supply. It has the capacity to control three independent communications circuits.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
640-110 PI Master Station MS300 $1,125.00 $1,068.75 Buy
640-112 PI Master Station MS301  -  *More Info* $1,425.00 $1,353.75 Buy

Power Supply

PS-300: 24 volt, linear, 1 outlet, and no switching.

PS-301: Power Supply, 24V, Linear, 3 outlets, Programming Input

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
640-143 PI Power Supply PS300 $665.00 $631.75 Buy
640-144 PI Power Supply PS301 $715.00 $679.25 Buy

BP Series packs feature wide bandwidth and superior sidetone rejection. Packs are made of black extruded aluminum with recessed controls for listening level, on/off and signaling. Belt packs daisy chain to expand system. Units are also available in single circuit switchable and stereo circuit configurations. pro-inter-beltpacks.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
BP1 PI Beltpack BP-1 $242.00 $235.75 Buy
640-220 PI Beltpack BP-2 $365.00 $342.00 Buy

These high quality headsets are very comfortable and have only one moving part, making them nearly unbreakable under normal circum stances. Pricing does not include plugs. We will install your choice of plug at additional charge pro-inter-smh210.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
640-510 Single-Muff Headset SMH 210 $145.00 $137.75 Buy
640-520 Double-Muff Headset DMH 220 $175.00 $166.25 Buy

Fixed Headset Station
Flush and rack-mount stations perform the same as belt-backs. Multi-circuit units have selector for 1 to 9 circuits. pro-inter-HS2-PRO.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
640-310 Fixed Headset Station HS-2  -  *More Info* $358.00 $337.25 Buy
640-315 Fixed Headset Station HS-2M, multi-circuit version $381.00 $356.25 Buy

Talkback Loudspeaker Station
Stations operate in three modes: Press-to-talk; Hands-free, or as a headset. Unit may be remotely overridden. Multi-circuit models select 1 to 9 circuits. Six models are available. pro-inter-ls-3m-front.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
640-360 Talkback Loudspeaker Station LS-3M $510.00 $484.50 Buy