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Intelligent Lighting
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DJ Lighting

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ADJ Hydro Profile

Combining an immense 660-Watt LED engine, an impressive 25,000+ Lumens, and expansive feature set, ADJ’s IP65-rated Hydro Profile is a professional lighting powerhouse. A 4-blade rotatable framing system, alongside motorized zoom (6 ~ 45 degrees), motorized focus and iris, together with 2 frost filters, facilitate precise manipulation of the output. A CMY color mixing system, combined with a CTO flag and 7 slot replaceable color wheel, allow for exceptional versatility and creative freedom. Meanwhile, 2 GOBO wheels, 2 rotating prisms, and an animation wheel allow for the creation of an almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
810087370473 ADJ Hydro Profile   -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

ADJ Hydro Beam X1

The ADJ Hydro Beam X1 is an IP65 rated professional moving head fixture with a 100W Osram Sirius HRI, 6,000 hour, discharge lamp that produces a razor sharp 3-degree beam. Its compact sizes offers quick movement.

With robust construction and IP65-ratings, the Hydro Beam FX1 is designed for both indoor or outdoor use. Its durable casing protects it from dust, sand, moisture and liquids, making it ideal for use in all situations from dusty deserts in California to rainy fields in England. Perfect for festivals and outdoor events, as well as installation in open-air clubs and other outside entertainment spaces, this groundbreaking fixture offer an extended operational life and reduced maintenance requirement due to their sealed casing design.

The Hydro Beam FX1 has several high performance features such 16-facet circular prism with overlay and an independent frost filter for wash effects. Its fitted with 3-pin DMX In/Out and powerCON In/Out connections. It offers a USB port for software updates. All connections are IP65 rated with rubber protective covers.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
818651025828 ADJ Hydro Beam X1  -  *More Info* $1,679.99 Please Call

ADJ Vizi CMY300

300W LED CMY Hybrid Moving Head with CMY color mixing, Onboard WiFLY EXR wireless DMX, 2 GOBO wheels, 9 color + open (including CTO 3200K & UV), 2 Prism wheels, motorized focus, zoom and iris; 3-pin & 5-pin DMX and Seatronic powerCON input and output.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
VIZ870 ADJ Vizi CMY300  -  *More Info* $3,995.00 $2,999.99 Buy

ADJ Inno Pocket Wash

The Inno Pocket Wash is a mini Moving Head that creates beautiful washes of color with its 28-degrees beam angle. Its compact size and lightweight makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, small club and bars, roller rinks, bowling centers, churches or any mobile production.

Featuring 4x 10W 4-IN1 Quad LEDs (RGBW - Red, Green, Blue and White), the Inno Pocket Wash will give pure lighting excitement with its fast moving head and brilliant washes of color. It has a pan and tilt inversion mode that makes one head do the opposite of another when linked together. Users may control the Inno Pocket Wash by Sound activation with its 4 built-in shows, the optional UC IR wireless remote, or use a DMX controller to create your own light shows.

Click here to see Inno Pocket Wash in action

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
819730013774 ADJ Inno Pocket Wash  -  *More Info* $489.95 $349.99 Buy

ADJ Crazy 8 Moving Head Fixture

The ADJ Crazy 8 Moving Head creates exciting lighting effects with its quick sweeping beams and 8-Zone chasing, pulsing and strobing LEDs. This unique fixture features two independently tilting bars (each with 4 lenses) that project tight, 4.5 degree beams of light from 8-Watt white LEDs. The Crazy 8 offers 5 DMX Channel modes and a 4-Button LED DMX menu. It may be controlled via it’s own built-in programs, a DMX Controller or the easy-to-use UC3 Controller. Best when used in multiples, the Crazy 8 is designed for stages, nightclubs and mobile entertainers.

Click here to see Crazy 8 in action

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
ADJ Crazy 8 Moving Head Fixture  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror
This unit slides into a 6 1/4" gel slot and turns an ellisoidal into an intelligent fixture! Control pan and tilt with 16 bit precision from a DMX console. The I-Cue uses the same power supply units as Rosco Gobo Rotators. icuepic.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
205810000120 Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror $877.00 $859.50 Buy

German Light Products Impression X4

The impression X4 features 19 RGBW high output LED's. In its slimline body, with no base unit, the impression X4 houses a 7 to 50 degree zoom range, full color mixing including CTC and customizable pixel patterns across its front face.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
Impression X4  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

German Light Products Impression X4S

The impression X4S features 7 RGBW high power LEDs (each 15 watts) and a 7 ° - 50 ° zoom optic. The optics, originally from the impression X4 has the same characteristics as a well-defined hard beam in the lower zoom range and in the middle and upper range zoom absolutely homogeneous and soft. All this without disturbing scattered light.

Emphasis was placed on the X4S for a compact body and a quick pan / tilt movement.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
German Light Products Impression X4S  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

German Light Products Volks Licht Spot

Equipped with a newly developed 300Watt RGB LED light engine is the Volkslicht Spot with the conventional 300/575W Moving Head class (discharge lamps) comparable.

All advantages of the LED light engine, as 20,000 hours lifetime, low heat, strong and deep saturated colors are the other features.

The compact and stylish design and plenty of features complement the Volkslicht Spot.

glp-volks-licht spot.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
German Light Products Volks Licht Spot   -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

Blizzard Lighting Flurry Beam

Meet the Flurry Beam™, the fixture with a super-sharp (watch your fingers) 2.5° beam angle and outstanding RGBW color mixing. It’s fast, it’s ferocious, and it also offers precise 540°/220° pan and tilt movement with 8/16-bit resolution.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
685450870276 Blizzard Lighting Flurry Beam  -  *More Info* $699.99 Call for price Buy

Blizzard Lighting Nova

Like an explosion in the night sky, NOVA™ is a captivating sight to see with features unlike any LED moving head known to mankind. It is capable of many unique features such as mind bending pulsating effects, rotating narrow LED beams, split beam colors, mesmerizing 5°-40° beam spread fluctuation from slow to blazing fast speeds, and a whole lot more!

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
852659766963 Blizzard Lighting Nova  -  *More Info* $999.99 Call for price Buy