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Fog & Haze
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*NEW LOCATION: 8655 Tamarack Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352* Please email us with any questions or call 818-762-0884 Email

ADJ Fog Fury Jett Pro RGBA Fog Machine

High output multi-positional vertical fog machine with built in LED lights and wireless DMX control.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
819730019714 ADJ Fog Fury Jett Pro RGBA Fog Machine  -  *More Info* $879.95 $639.99 Buy
818651020892 ADJ Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid 4 Liter   -  *More Info* $35.95 $29.99 Buy

American DJ Mister Kool II Low Lying Fog Machine

Mister Kool II produces fog that stays low to the ground, similar to a dry ice effect -- but using just standard fog juice and ice cubes. No need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice! Includes a timer remote with an on/off switch.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
819730019929 American DJ Mister Kool II Low Lying Fog Machine  -  *More Info* $251.95 $189.99 Buy
819730015136 Fog Fluid Kool Fog for Mister Kool - Gallon  -  *More Info* $29.99 $24.99 Buy

Antari Haze Machines
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
4719850651435 Antari HZ-350  -  *More Info* $1,089.00 $869.00 Buy
Antari HZ-400 High Volume Haze Generator  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call
4719850652982 Antari HZ-500  -  *More Info* $2,499.95 $1,799.00 Buy
4719850652128 Haze Fluid - Oil Based (Haze machines only) - 4 Liter $90.00 $64.30 Buy
4710586551457 Haze Fluid Water Base HZL-4W - 4 Liter  -  *More Info* $80.00 $57.15 Buy

Antari ICE Low Lying Fog Machine
This machine produces low-lying smoke without the inconvenience of dry ice. Place up to 22 lbs. of ice into the ice chamber to cool the smoke produced by the 1000W smoke machine contined in the unit and watch the floor disappear. A full ice chamber can last up to 12 hours or 80 minutes with constant use. Full DMX control. ElationAntIce.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
ICE Antari ICE Low Lying Fog Machine  -  *More Info* $1,199.95 $800.00 Buy
837874010107 Fog Fluid - Low Lying - Gallon   -  *More Info* $39.95 $34.00 Buy

Antari IP-1500 Fog Machine
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
4719850651404 Antari IP-1500  -  *More Info* $1,459.95 $1,059.00 Buy

Antari W Series Wireless Fog Machines
Antari's new revolutionary fog machines feature integrated wireless control intelligence. This premium-performance series is specially upgraded for professional users who demand true plug-and-play operation for stage fog machines. All the unnecessary wires are eliminated, leaving you a transmitting controller in your hand to send out the commands. Enjoy complete wireless control without hassles! AntariWireless.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
4719850651305 Antari W-508 Fog Machine  -  *More Info* $359.00 $259.00 Buy
4719850651312 Antari W-510 Fog Machine  -  *More Info* $639.95 $459.00 Buy
4719850651770 Antari W-515D Fog Machine  -  *More Info* $999.00 $719.00 Buy

Antari Z Series Fog Machines

These fog machine provide significant advantages in a wide array of applications where volume of fog output is critical.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
837874016369 Antari Z-350 Fazer  -  *More Info* $559.95 $384.00 Buy
131-600 Z-800II  -  *More Info* $274.95 $199.99 Buy
131-609 Z-1000II  -  *More Info* $459.95 $329.99 Buy
131-615 Z-1020  -  *More Info* $589.95 $419.99 Buy
131-620 Z-1200II  -  *More Info* $639.95 $459.99 Buy
131-630 Z-1500II  -  *More Info* $859.95 $599.99 Buy
131-640 Z-3000II  -  *More Info* $1,079.95 $769.99 Buy

Elation Magmatic Magma Prime Hazer

MAGMA PRIME™ is a water-based hazer with advanced technology providing a high volume dry haze effect with low fluid consumption. The new HPA (high pressure air) pump technology reduces the risk of heater clogging. Features includes a self-cleaning and energy-saving “Sleep” mode, an easy to use onboard LCD touch screen control panel, intuitive DMX-512 and RDM control, a durable aluminum housing, and optional wired and wireless remote control options.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
MSP001 Elation Magmatic Magma Prime Hazer  -  *More Info* $549.00 $439.00 Buy

Chauvet Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6

Thrill special event guests with Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6, a multi-purpose atmospheric machine that adds new levels of visual excitement and fun to any gathering, presentation or production. The unit features six quad-colored (RGB + UV) LEDs that illuminate bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles that billow from twin blowers to double the effect. Two variable-speed loft fans push bubbles up into the air and Always-Ready technology means the effect can run continuously to keep the party going. Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6 has a gravity-fed bubble reservoir that recirculates unused bubble fluid reducing fluid consumption. A built-in cleaning function increases machine longevity and reduces clogs.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
HBUBBLEHAZE Chauvet Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

Chauvet Hurricane 2D Water Based Haze Machine

Hurricane Haze 2D is a water-based haze machine with continuous output and a digital display to set DMX and stand alone functions with ease. It features adjustable blower output speeds and nozzle to get the haze where you need it. The low fluid indicator gives a warning before running out of fluid. An included wired, timer remote stores conveniently in the fixture.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
781462206963 Chauvet Hurricane 2D Water Based Haze Machine  -  *More Info* Call for price Please Call

Ultratecfx Dry Icer Fogger
The Dry Icer is a new and improved professional, cost-effective solution for creating spectacular low-lying fog effects. This sleek new design has a 20-pound dry ice capacity which is placed in a stainless steel basket. Other new features are low water shut off indicator, 4” hHose adaptor and heavy duty latches on the lid. The low-lying fog output is controlled by lowering the stainless steel basket with the 3-step Pivoting Ratchet System. This will allow the basket to ease into the boiling water to create continuous low-lying fog for approximately 5 minutes. UltratecfxDryIcer.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
CLF-1810 Dry Icer  -  *More Info* $1,443.70 $1,347.45 Buy
CLF-1850P Ducting Hose Adapter - 2.5 in $83.30 $77.89 Buy
Ducting Hose 25 ft x 4 in Call for price Please Call

Reel EFX D-50 Diffusion Hazer

The Diffusion Hazer (DF-50) is a patented machine utilizing a triple filtered system that breaks down the Diffusion Fluid (food grade mineral oil blend) to a uniform 1 micron sized droplet. CAL/OSHA has concluded that these airborne mist levels do not exceed OSHA or CAL/OSHA

  • Motor: Brushless, AC, Ball bearing, 1+ Horsepower
  • Power: 110 - 125v /4 amp or 220v/2.0 (50-60) cycle
  • 100-125V 4.6A
  • 200-240V 1.9A
  • (50 or 60 Hz)
  • Controls: On/Off switch
  • Weight: 35lbs.16 kg
  • Measurements: 14"H x 15"L x 8"W (HxWxL): 35x38x21 cm
  • Warranty: Compressor: 5-year parts and labor
  • All other components: One year parts and labor
  • Safety Testing CAL-OSHA
  • CE Approved
  • reelfxdf-50.jpg
    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    Reel EFX D-50 Diffusion Hazer Call for price Please Call

    Fantasy FX "Fog in a Can" Haze
    A portable and inexpensive alternative to fog or haze machines, Fantasy FX can safely add a dreamy (or eerie) atmosphere to a room, or make light beams or laser beams come alive. It creates the appearance of fog, haze, or steam effects quickly, easily and safely.


    • Comes with a push button top for horizontal spray (can apply the handle for a gun type use) or a snap-down top for a hands-free vertical spray that's continuous (you can snap the top up for later use).
    • Each 30-second spray lasts about 30 minutes.
    • Fill a dance floor room up to 15 times with one can.
    • Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, ozone safe, no cfcs, meets EPA standards.
    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    100010 Fantasy FX Regular Horizontal Spray 8 oz $16.50 $13.50 Buy
    100011 Fantasy FX Lockdown Vertical Spray(auto-spray mechanism) 8 oz $16.50 $13.50 Buy