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Doug Fleenor Design DMX
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DMX Optical Isolator

The DMX512 Inline Optical Isolator is DESIGNED TO PLUG DIRECTLY INTO THE BACK OF MOST DMX LIGHTING CONSOLES. Its primary purpose is to protect the console from hazardous voltages, which may appear on the control cable. Some causes of hazardous voltages include dimmer failures, electrical storms, and cross wiring non-DMX equipment (foggers, intercoms, arc welders) into lighting control outlets. The isolator also eliminates ground loops and provides high drive current for long control runs. 5-PIN ONLY

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-001 DMX512 Opto Isolator 5-pin $237.60 $201.99 Buy

DMX Isolation Amplifiers
The DMX512 Isolation Amplifier is recommended for the receiving end of long control runs. It contains separate input and output power supplies, allowing the input circuitry to receive signals as low as 0.2 volts.

The model 121D and 121Q contain the same isolation and protection circuitry used in model 121, but have multiple isolators in a single enclosure. They are ideally suited for use with control consoles which have multiple DMX outputs. The Model 121D has two isolators and the 121Q has four isolators. Both models are available with either 3 pin or 5 pin connectors, specify at time of order.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-010 DMX Isolation Amplifier 121 $455.00 $386.75 Buy
550-020 DMX Isolation Amplifier 121D $608.26 $517.02 Buy
550-030 DMX Isolation Amplifier 121Q $1,122.66 $954.26 Buy

DMX Isolated Splitters
The DMX Isolated Splitter / Amplifier allows you to split a single DMX512 dimmer signal into three, five or eleven optically isolated DMX512 signals. Optical isolation creates a physical break between the DMX512 links to help prevent accidental high voltage from damaging equipment on the DMX512data stream. Available with either 3 pin or 5 pin XLR connectors. 550-100.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-100 DMX Isolated Splitter 123 $608.26 $517.02 Buy
125-5 or 125-3 DMX Isolated Splitter 125 $868.43 $738.17 Buy
550-210 DMX Isolated Splitter 1211 $1,796.26 $1,526.82 Buy

DMX Enhanced Isolated Splitter - Wall Mount
This Enhanced Splitter has all of the features of Fleenor's standard splitters plus a universal power supply, input and output protection, and troubleshooting indicators, all packaged in a purpose built housing for permanent installation. DMX512 connections are via plug-in terminal blocks and the AC power connection is via an attached 6' power cord with a standard U-Ground plug. UL Listed and CE marked. 125EE.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-220 DMX Enhanced Isolated Splitter 125EE - Wall Mount $1,122.66 $954.26 Buy

DMX Bidirectional Hub
The DMX Hub offers isolation and signal buffering for bidirectional communication. The hub differs from an opto-splitter in that any of the eight ports can receive data, with the seven remaining ports re-transmitting that data. Each of the eight ports offers fully bidirectional optical isolation and transient protection to 15,000 volts. Includes a universal power supply and gold plated connectors. bidi8.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-230 DMX Bidirectional Hub $1,796.26 $1,526.82 Buy

DMX Rotor-Router
The DMX Rotor-Router is an electronic patch bay for DMX512 signals. Consisting of an Input Module with twelve inputs and any number of Output Modules with twelve outputs each, the unit patches any input to any output using front panel rotary switches. The inputs and outputs are all electrically isolated to prevent ground loops and fault propagation.

Specify input or output, 3 pin or 5 pin or terminal block

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-330 DMX Rotor-Router Module $2,984.26 $2,536.62 Buy

DMX A/B Switches
This series of selector switches was specifically designed to switch DMX512 signals. Originally designed to switch between primary and backup consoles, these switches are often used to select from two (or more) input locations. Model SW1 switches a single DMX512 universe (one A input, one B input, one output). Model SW4 switches four DMX512 universes (four A inputs, four B inputs, four outputs). swfam.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-350 DMX A/B switch SW1 $193.60 $167.11 Buy
550-360 DMX A/B switch SW2 $297.00 $252.45 Buy
550-370 DMX A/B switch SW3 $547.67 $465.52 Buy
550-380 DMX A/B switch SW4 $701.80 $596.53 Buy

DMX Combine Units
Want to pile-on two DMX512 sources? You can't just tie the outputs together like you can with 0 to 10 volt analog control signals. Combining two DMX512 sources requires a computer, like the one in these units. The combiner introduces the minimum delay possible with DMX512, less than 0.02 seconds. Combine units are available in up to six input configurations. For more than 6 inputs, multiple units can be linked together. These combiners feature terminated opto-isolated inputs which are also protected from AC line crosses and transients. Each input has an LED signal indicator. These combiners can also be used to convert to or from Colortran's CMX protocol (as used in D-192 series dimmers). Available with 3-pin or 5-pin XLR connectors 221e-621e.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-510 DMX Combine Unit 221E $1,425.60 $1,211.76 Buy
550-520 DMX Combine Unit 321E $2,275.02 $1,933.77 Buy
550-530 DMX Combine Unit 421E $3,156.52 $2,683.04 Buy
550-540 DMX Combine Unit 521E $3,988.12 $3,389.90 Buy
550-550 DMX Combine Unit 621E $4,786.45 $4,068.48 Buy

Wall Plates
The DMX512 Wall Plate is a single-gang "switch box" cover milled from solid aluminum. Fitted with either a male or female 5-pin XLR connector, the plate is available in black anodized. Nomenclature is permanently milled into the faceplate. The rear of the wall plate features screw terminals for easy field wiring.

Wall plates can be either passive or active. Passive wall plates would be wired back to a splitter, merger, or rotor-router. Active wall plates include buffer circuitry which allows more advanced distribution methods.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-615 WP-I Male 5-pin XLR wall plate $121.00 $102.85 Buy
550-617 WP-O Female 5-pin XLR wall plate $121.00 $102.85 Buy
550-625 DFDNET Buffered 5-pin XLR wall plate $242.00 $205.70 Buy
550-611 WP-I Male 3-pin XLR wall plate $121.00 $102.85 Buy
550-613 WP-O Female 3-pin XLR wall plate $121.00 $102.85 Buy

DMX Relay Packs
Doug Fleenor Design makes a series of Relay Packs that are controlled by DMX512.

The single channel unit, designed to switch up to a 20 amp line voltage load, uses a 30 amp relay. The unit is provided with two 18" 12/3 SJ pigtails for line in and switched line out. Supplied with 15 amp parallel blade connectors as standard.

The six channel units, designed to switch up to 15 amp line voltage loads, use 30 amp relays. Line voltage input is on 18" 12/3 SJ pigtail(s) fitted with 15 amp parallel blade plug(s). Model DMX6REL15A has one line in pigtail. Model DMX6REL30A has two line in pigtails (one for channels 1-3, one for channels 4-6). Switched line outputs are on chassis mounted 15 amp parallel blade receptacles.

DMX512 control of low voltage switch closure devices (such as slide projectors and fog machines) is made possible with low voltage DMX Relay Packs.

Available with 3-pin or 5-pin XLR connectors.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-440 DMX Relay Pack single channel $514.25 $437.11 Buy
550-450 DMX Relay Pack six channel - one line in $665.50 $565.68 Buy
550-460 DMX Relay Pack six channel - two lines in $786.50 $707.85 Buy
550-470 DMX Relay Pack low voltage - two channel $514.25 $437.11 Buy
550-480 DMX Relay Pack low voltage - six channel $772.20 $656.37 Buy

DMX to Analog Converters
Interfacing to older dimmers, custom controls, animatronics and motion control are just a few of the uses of these DMX512 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converters. Available in 24-channel and 96-channel version. Outputs on DB-25 connectors. dmx2anl.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-300 DMX to Analog 24 channel converter $772.20 $656.37 Buy
550-310 DMX to Analog 96 channel converter $1,663.20 $1,413.72 Buy

DMX to AMX Converters
The DMX512 to AMX192 Converter is available in two standard configurations: either one or two AMX outputs from a single DMX input. The two configurations are identical except for the addition of a second AMX output port to handle dimmers 193 through 384. 550-400.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-400 DMX to AMX converter - 192 dimmers $1,425.60 $1,211.76 Buy
550-410 DMX to AMX converter - 384 dimmers $1,663.20 $1,413.72 Buy

DMX to iPlayer 2
The DMX512 iPlayer 2 interface receives a DMX512 input signal and outputs RS-232 commands to the iPlayer. The interface uses three consecutive DMX512 channels: Trigger mode, Show selection, and Global intensity.

The interface is compatible with iPlayer 2 and Light System Engine which are both products (and registered trademarks) of Color Kinetics Incorporated.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-420 DMX to iPlayer 2 Interface $1,425.60 $1,211.76 Buy

Pork Chopper
The Pork Chopper increases the total number of control channels of a Flying Pig Systems, Wholehog II console. When connected to an output port producing "Overdrive" Pork Chopper decodes the signal into two DMX512 universes. Connecting Pork Choppers to three output ports increases Wholehog II channel capacity from 2048 to 3584 channels. porkchop.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-070 DMX Pork Chopper $2,271.46 $1,930.74 Buy

Apathy DMX Console

In its most basic mode the Apathy allows you to command all 512 DMX dimmers to the same level using the single intuitive control knob. Using the Apathy function button, you can assign control of a single DMX dimmer to the control knob.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-555 DMX Apathy Console $237.60 $201.96 Buy

Preset DMX Consoles

PRESET CONSOLES These units are capable of storing up to ten presets recorded by capturing the output of a DMX512 console. Each preset can then be assigned a unique crossfade time, from 0 to 999 seconds. Presets are recalled by pressing one of the buttons.

Available for Architectural or Portable use.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-560 DMX Preset 10 A $602.37 $512.01 Buy
550-570 DMX Preset 10 Portable $602.37 $512.01 Buy
550-575 DMX Transformer for Preset 10 $26.14 $22.22 Buy

Gizmo Test Tool
With the Gizmo DMX512 test tool you can transmit, receive, save and playback scenes and perform a variety of data and cable tests.

  • Transmit Up to 512 Channels of DMX512
  • Receive DMX512
  • Save and Recall 100 Scenes
  • Check cables for shorts, open connections, and data reliability
  • 9 Volt Battery or AC Power Operation
  • 25 Button Keypad
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-590 DMX Gizmo Test Tool $1,296.00 $1,101.60 Buy

Remote Accessing Device
The Remote Addressing Device (RAD) allows users of RDM enabled devices to set the DMX512 start address remotely. A must have for every technician's tool box, the RAD will save many trips up the ladder to reassign an address.
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-580 DMX Remote Addressing Device $181.49 $154.27 Buy

LED Power Supply
The innovative design of this accessory power supply can provide power and data in many different formats to suit varying fixture inventories. Primarily designed to power and control Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures, it can be configured to operate devices such as Altman SpectraPAR fixtures, Color Kinetics iColor Cove, Chroma-Q type color scrollers, and gobo rotators. led300.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-700 LED Power Supply $1,796.26 $1,526.82 Buy

DMX Line Terminators
The DMX Terminator plugs into the feed-through connector of the final DMX device on a control cable. It improves signal reliability by preventing reflections and reducing ringing.

Enhanced terminator features:

  • "Happy" LED indicates a strong signal
  • Transient-absorbing diodes suppress spikes caused by electrical storms.
  • Radio frequency interference (RFI) is bypassed to chassis by the .001uF capacitance of the Tranzorb diode.
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
T2 DMX Terminator Plug 3-pin (Professional) $25.25 Buy
T2-5 DMX Terminator Plug 5-pin (Professional) $27.85 Buy
TERM-3 DMX Terminator Plug 3-pin (Enhanced) $49.48 Buy
TERM-5 DMX Terminator Plug 5-pin (Enhanced) $49.48 Buy

DMX Line Tester
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
550-599 DMX Line Tester 3-pin $34.45 $29.28 Buy
550-600 DMX Line Tester 5-pin $34.45 $29.28 Buy

DMX Decelerator

The DMX Decelerator is a DMX512 isolator and re-timing device. It can receive any signal within the DMX512 specification.

Click here for more information

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
DMX Decelerator $199.99 $199.99 Buy