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DJ Controllers
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American DJ RGB 3C

The RGB3C is a basic 3-channel RGB LED controller that is ideal for DJs, small night clubs, and bars that want a simple LED controller to run the show. The control panel includes:

  • 9 direct access “Static Color” buttons that contain pre-programmed color presets
  • 3 manual RGB faders, to set a desired color on the fly
  • Program select button that allows for 7 static colors
  • 10 chase programs, with Sound Active and Auto Run buttons
  • Hold button that pauses the current scene and remains locked in even when power to the controller is switched off and on
  • Blackout button to bring all values to zero
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
124-627 American DJ RGB 3C  -  *More Info* $69.95 $49.99 Buy

Elation Show Designer 1 Controller
Elation Show Designer 1
  • Controller comes “Tabletop Style”–Includes removable rubber rails to fit standard 19-inch rack mount
  • Large library of fixture settings for many different brands of lighting equipment
  • Control up to 512 channels
  • Control up to 16 large fixtures (up to 32 channels each) or 16 groups of smaller fixtures
  • Hold up to 1024 scenes, 512 presets, 256 chases and 256 shows
  • Fixtures and memories are quickly selectable from an array of 16 switches
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
640282048866 Elation Show Designer 1 Console  -  *More Info* $999.95 $800.00 Buy

Switch Box
Eight way switch box with a maximum capacity of 15 amps or 1700 watts. Features 8 lighted switches, a re-setable circuit breaker and 8 edison sockets on the back of the unit. Rack mountable, 19" x 2" x 5"
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
819730012128 Eight way switch box PC-100A $54.99 $54.99 Buy