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Dove Systems
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This dimmer is the most durable, reliable and economical we've found in this price range. It's ideal for schools, churches and small bands with small budgets but big plans.

  • Dimmer/controller contains six 1000 watt dimmers in one package
  • Single scene or Two scene configuration
  • Split crossfader
  • Grandmaster slider
  • Blackout Switch
  • Bump buttons for each channel
  • Two outlets per dimmer
  • Requires two 20 amp power input cables
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-113 Scenemaster 6 U-ground $995.00 $796.00 Buy
500-115 Scenemaster 6 stage pin $1,295.00 $1,036.00 Buy

DimmerMaster 406/410/124 Shoebox Dimmer Packs
These Shoebox dimmers are compact and designed to be hung in the lighting grid. If you already have an installed dimming system, but need just a few more channels, the Shoebox comes through!

A variety of Shoebox dimmers are available. The 124 features one 2400w dimmer. The 406 includes four 1000w dimmers. It is powered from a single 20amp wall outlet and carries maximum capacity of 2400w. The 410 has a full 4000w maximum capacity.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-122 Mini Shoebox 124-DSP 1 x 2400w, 20 amp TL Inlet, Dual Stage Pin Outlets  -  *More Info* $695.00 $556.00 Buy
500-120 Mini Shoebox 406-SUG 4 x 1000w, U-Ground inlet, Single U-Ground Outlets  -  *More Info* $695.00 $556.00 Buy
500-124 Mini Shoebox 408-SUG 20 amp Twist-Lock Inlet  -  *More Info* $795.00 $636.00 Buy
500-118 Mini Shoebox 410-SUG 30 amp Twist-Lock Inlet  -  *More Info* $795.00 $636.00 Buy

DimmerMaster Compact Wallmount Dimmers
These compact wallmount dimmers fit in a standard 8"x8"x4" screw cover enclosure (not included).

The Dimmermaster 124 has one 2.4 kW dimmer. The Dimmermaster 412 has four 1200W dimmers.

The units accept DMX-512 control and analog 0-10VDC control. The starting channel is set on a thumbwheel switch, which also provides load testing and local control. A status LED indicates the presence of a DMX control signal. Each channel is protected by a circuit breaker conveniently located on the front panel for quick access. All power and control connections are made on terminal blocks.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-125 Dimmermaster 124 wall mount 1 x 2400w Terminal Block In/Out $695.00 $556.00 Buy
500-126 Dimmermaster 412 wall mount 4 X 1200w Terminal Block In/Out $695.00 $556.00 Buy

DimmerMaster 624/1224/2412
Compact, reliable, and rugged, these packs are available in 6x2.4k per channel,12x2.4k per channel, and 24x1.2k per channel configurations. These packs are ideal for budget minded institutions who are interested in excellent quality. Equipped with heavy duty RFI chokes and LED channel indicators. The rack mount dimmers are placed in a fixed or portable equipment rack providing lots of power in one box. The standard units are priced with dual U-ground out. These dimmers are very rugged. We've had rentals in service for over 10 years. DMX & Analog 0-10v control signal.

The wall mount dimmers mount to the wall like an electrical box, but contain a sophisticated dimming system. Wall mount dimmers have terminal block power input and output.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-130 Dimmermaster 624 TB $2,495.00 $1,996.00 Buy
500-131 Dimmermaster 624 U-ground $3,095.00 $2,476.00 Buy
500-132 Dimmermaster 624 stage pin $3,295.00 $2,636.00 Buy
500-148 Dimmermaster 1224 TB $3,495.00 $2,796.00 Buy
500-127 Dimmermaster 624 wall mount $2,495.00 $1,996.00 Buy
500-149 Dimmermaster 1224 U-ground $4,095.00 $3,276.00 Buy
500-150 Dimmermaster 1224 stage pin $4,295.00 $3,436.00 Buy
500-160 Dimmermaster 1224 wall mount $3,495.00 $2,796.00 Buy
500-170 Dimmermaster 2412 TB $4,995.00 $3,996.00 Buy
500-171 Dimmermaster 2412 U-ground $5,595.00 $4,476.00 Buy
500-172 Dimmermaster 2412 stage pin $5,795.00 $4,636.00 Buy
500-161 Dimmermaster 2412 wall mount $4,995.00 $3,996.00 Buy

Dove Lighting Controllers
TechMaster operates as a standard two scene board, or as a "single scene with hold" giving two scene operation with more channels. DMX output bumps, master, 255 step programmable chase.

The Sublime Series of consoles is the same as the TechMaster with the addition of 24 submasters. The entire "look" set with the channel faders on the right side of the console can be saved to one of the 24 submaster faders on the left side of the console. Later, bring up that fader, and the look is back on stage!

The IQ512 is a compact controller with 12 channels, yet it can control 512 dimmers. DMX output bumps, master, single scene hold and crossfade. The IQ512 can also serve as a Remote Focus Unit and can "capture" looks from other consoles.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-270 Sublime 12/24 $1,890.00 $1,512.00 Buy
500-272 Sublime 24/48 $2,490.00 $1,992.00 Buy
500-274 Sublime 36/72 $3,087.00 $2,469.60 Buy
500-276 Sublime 48/96 $3,690.00 $2,952.00 Buy
IQ512M IQ512M $995.00 $796.00 Buy

House Light Controllers
House light controllers are an easy-to-use adjunct to stage light controllers for systems in which stage lights are not in constant use but house lights are. They require between +12 and +15VDC from the dimmer pack as a power supply; an optional power supply is available for use with dimmers that do not provide it.


  • Standard 0 to +10VDC control
  • May be linked in series
  • Take control and off buttons
  • Single channel through six channel systems available
  • Two through six channel systems include a master control on each panel
  • Uses 22 AWG cable - one wire for each channel and three additional wires One and two channel contollers mount in 2 gang switch box Three and four channel controllers mount in 3 gang switch box Six channel controller mounts in 4 gang switch box

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-310 HLC-1 Houselight Controller $245.00 $196.00 Buy
500-312 HLC-2 Houselight Controller $295.00 $236.00 Buy
500-314 HLC-3 Houselight Controller $395.00 $316.00 Buy
500-316 HLC-4 Houselight Controller $445.00 $356.00 Buy
500-318 HLC-6 Houselight Controller $545.00 $436.00 Buy

Starport for Windows Memory Controller
Turn your computer into a full featured DMX memory lighting controller! A complete system consists of the printer port adaptor, software, I/O cable and your computer. Your mouse is used to set levels, start fades, and all other functions, which is faster and easier than keypads and sliders on other consoles. Output to dimmers is DMX-512. The StarPort has a DMX input to accept control from any DMX controller.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, Me, and XP
  • Intel Pentium (or compatible)
  • 133MHz or higher processor
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 10 MB of available hard disk space
  • DVD or CD-ROM drive
  • parallel printer port (PS/2 bidirectional)


  • 512 channels of control
  • Master go "button"
  • unlimited memory cues
  • Blackout "button"
  • Submasters
  • Multiple fades

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
500-240 Starport WIN $995.00 Call for price Buy