ETC Source Four LED CYC Adapter

The Source Four LEDô just got even more versatile. By removing the luminaireís lens barrel and attaching a Source Four LED CYC adapter, any Source Four LED can become a superior tool for lighting cycloramas. Other cyc lights only serve one function, so when a design doesnít use a backdrop, the fixtures sit on a shelf and collect dust. In contrast, the Source Four LED CYC adapter can simply be removed when not required, and the Source Four LED luminaire can then be put to use in any other position, on or off stage.

Save the texture for gobo washes. With the same light quality that the Source Fourģ family is known for, the Source Four LED CYC is incredibly smooth, producing a wash that looks like it came from incandescent sources. Fewer Source Four LED CYC units are needed to cover an entire cyclorama, because their light stretches so high and is evenly distributed, without scallops or visible gaps.

Itís like having a paintbrush right on stage. Taking advantage of the expansive color range of the x7 Color Systemô, the Source Four LED CYC creates the boldest hues, adding drama to any cyclorama. Its color can be fine-tuned to accentuate or suppress certain hues in painted backdrops, creating an incredible artistic impact

Note: The Source Four LED CYC is not compatible with incandescent fixtures. Product Features:
  • Works with any Source Four LED array
  • Lights subtly-painted drops with x7 color
  • 2:1 luminaire spacing (for every 1ft back, there can be 2ft between luminaires)
  • Smooth, homogenized distribution
  • Highly tuned optics (not just folded tin)
  • Works within the footprint of traditional incandescent cyc lights
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction engineered to stand up to the rigors of stage and tour work
  • Heat- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses