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Strobe Lights
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ADJ FREQ5 Strobe

The ADJ FREQ 5 Strobe is going to offer you a stellar strobe effect with its 5-Zone LEDs and 5-Zone Chase Effect. This 2-FX-IN-1 fixture will give you the performance you are looking for.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
ADJ FREQ5 Strobe  -  *More Info* $239.95 $179.99 Buy


Add more creativity to your lightshow with ADJ’s FREQ MATRIX revolutionary 16-Zone LED Strobe matrix. This 2-FX-IN-1fixture features a traditional LED strobe + 16-Zone matrix chase effect. The matrix zone chase effect gives lighting designers the ability to create exciting and dynamic energy-driven lighting shows.

The FREQ MATRIX offers full DMX control with 4 DMX channel modes, dimming, strobe speed and chase speed. Users can also run the FREQ MATRIX in sound active mode, or manually control strobe speed and dimming on the back of the unit from it’s potentiometer knobs.

The FREQ MATRIX uses sixteen 5-Watt bright white LEDs and consumes a maximum of 107-watts of power.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
ADJ FREQ Matrix  -  *More Info* 559.95 $399.99 Buy

American DJ Mega Flash DMX
Mega Flash is a powerful 800W unit.

2 DMX channels for speed and dimming. Speed and dimmer control knob on rear of unit. Sound active.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
DJ5-300 ADJ Mega Flash DMX $199.95 $149.99 Buy

American DJ Snap Shot and Big Shot

Snap Shot is a white LED Strobe with 220 bright LEDs.


Big Shot is white LED Strobe with 96 bright LEDs.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
DJ5-346 ADJ Snap Shot LED $89.95 $69.99 Buy
DJ5-375 ADJ Big Shot LED II $49.95 $39.99 Buy

ADJ Lightning Cannon Cob

The ADJ Lightning COB Cannon produces a large wash of white light from high output, advanced COB (Chip On Board) cool white LEDs–COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. This professional lighting fixture is designed for washing performance stages, theatrical productions and special effects productions. It requires very little maintenance or service due to its sold state electronics. The Lightning COB Cannon has 3 operational modes (sound active, manual or DMX), has 3 DMX operational modes, 5 selectable dim curves, a 4-Button DMX Display and is flicker free for film and television. This fixture is DMX linkable via 3-pin DMX, and is power linkable via PowerCon connections. The light source is an 80-Watt COB cluster of 60 x 1.5-Watt Cool White (8,000K) LEDs.

Click here to see Lightning Cob Cannon in action

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
ADJ Lightning Cannon Cob  -  *More Info* $489.95 $349.99 Buy

American DJ S81 LED
With 21 white LEDs, this bright strobe light provides a powerful punch in a small package. A variable speed knob on the back of the unit controls the flash rate from slow to fast. Works great with or without fog. ADJS81LED.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
136-050 American DJ S81 LED  -  *More Info* $25.95 $19.99 Buy

Elation Protron LED Strobe
  • High Power 6,500K Surface Mount Cool White LEDs
  • Low 150W Power Consumption
  • IP65 Rated Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Case
  • Selectable Dimming Curves
  • RDM (Remote Device Management)
  • Flicker FREE Operation for TV and FILM
  • Integrated 6.25” Gel Frame Holder
  • Spilt Yoke Rigging Bracket
  • Click here to see Protron LED Strobe in action

    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    Elation Protron LED Strobe  -  *More Info* $1,399.95 $999.99 Buy

    American Dj Flash Rope
    12 flash strobes on a 15 ft. long string. Flash rate is 1 flash per second. Indoor and outdoor use ADJFLASHROPE.jpg
    Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
    American Dj Flash Rope 15 ft. long  -  *More Info* $99.95 $79.99 Buy