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Flameless Candles
Child safe, these inexpensive battery operated LED flicker candles are a terrific effect for choirs or pageants! On/off operation via battery cap at bottom of the candle. 6.5" long, handheld white candles with a frosted cap.

Requires 2-AA batteries (Order batteries separately)


Item # Item Description List Price Internet Price
134-500 Flameless LED candle (batteries not included) $3.95
Quantity   1 - 10    11 - 50    51 - 99    100 - 499    500+  
Price $3.95 $3.50 $2.95 $2.75 $2.25
999-521 Battery AA, 1.5 volt MINIMUM ORDER 10 UNITS $.90 $0.69 Buy

City Theatrical Candles

Designs with enhanced features!

These candles simulate the natural flicker and movement of a candle flame. Each candle has a three bulb design with a logic circuit. The logic circuit controls the flicker of the bulbs to simulate the look of a real candle. The candles operate on 9 volts DC from either a battery or a remote power supply and are dimmable.

  • Candle Kit has a slimmer circuit board to make custom designs easier.
  • Candle sticks feature an on-off switch and a 9 volt battery compartment.
  • OPTION - All candles available with LED light source for long battery life.
Item # Item Description List Price Internet Price
134-760 City Theatrical Candle Kit $40.00 $34.00 Buy
134-765 City Theatrical Candle Stick 5in $51.00 $43.35 Buy
134-770 City Theatrical Candle Stick 12in $56.00 $47.60 Buy
134-772 City Theatrical One Candle AC Adapter $12.00 $10.00 Buy
134-775 City Theatrical Six Candle AC Adapter $37.00 $31.45 Buy

Rosco Flicker Candles

Self Contained
Complete with a candle tip, a realistic stem with a dripping wax look, an on/off switch, and connection for a 9 volt battery (not included), this 9.75" unit is an ideal replacement for the real thing. Candle needs to be turned on or off during the show.
Wired Stem
9.75" tall, this model consists of the candle tip, stem, & 4' leads for wiring to a power source.
Basic Module
A 4" tall unit with short pins for wiring to a power source. Ideal for building custom units.
17 1/2" long by 1 1/2" diameter with 4' leads for wiring.

Ask about specialty settings in popular styles!

Item # Item Description List Price Internet Price
134-751 Rosco Flicker Candle self contained $44.50 $44.50 Buy
134-753 Rosco Flicker Candle wired stem $35.75 $35.75 Buy
134-752 Rosco Flicker Candle basic module $29.75 $29.75 Buy
134-750 Rosco Flicker Candle professional $72.00 $72.00 Buy

Cool Flame
Realistic flame effect for theater and stage use. 4 foot high x 36 effect can be produced. 134-990.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Internet Price
134-990 Cool Flame $559.99 Buy