antari-z350-inside.jpg Antari Z-350 Fazer


  • Built-in Air Pump: The air pump can make Z-350 produce dry haze and give heater self cleaning function.
  • On Board DMX: When users connect Z-350 to a DMX console, there is a special setting as follows: - When DMX console is switched off, Z-350 will start to run self cleaning process automatically and turn off.
  • When DMX console is switched on, Z-350 will turn on and start to heat up automatically.
  • Light weight (8.8kg) and Compact size (Length: 320mm Width: 153mm Height: 391mm)
  • Wide fluid channel: 4.4mm diameter of fluid channel can reduce the percentage of clogging problem.
  • Compatible fog fluids: FLR, FLG, or FLY