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We provide a variety of specialty paints for the entertainment industry.

Due to Special Shipping Considerations, please call to order Multiple Paint Gallons

Rosco Ultimatte® Paint
These paints were designed in conjunction with the Ultimatte® technical staff to meet the requirements of their keying effects systems. Super Blue is a purer blue designed for use in film production. Vinyl acrylic paints can be used on nearly any surface.


Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150057220128 Rosco Ultimatte Super Blue 1 gallon $94.25 $94.25 Buy
150057200128 Rosco Ultimatte Blue 1 gallon $86.50 $86.50 Buy
150057210128 Rosco Ultimatte Green 1 gallon $129.50 $129.50 Buy

Rosco Chroma Key Paint
Specifically formulated to provide high luminance values and color saturation for keying effects.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150057100128 Rosco Chroma Key Blue 1 gallon $97.25 $89.75 Buy
150057110128 Rosco Chroma Key Green 1 gallon $97.25 $89.75 Buy

Rosco TV Paint
Specifically formulated for the sensitive contrast requirements of standard television, this versatile acrylic paint can be applied to nearly any surface and comes ready to use right out of the bucket. TV White and Black are completely intermixable and allow the user to achieve intermediate greys. Featuring one coat coverage, this system dries to a matte, non-reflective finish and allows for easy touch-up.

  • TV-White meets the specifications for 60% reflectance
  • TV-Black meets the specifications for 3% reflectance
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150057350128 Rosco TV Paint TV White 1 gallon $58.75 $54.25 Buy
150057400128 Rosco TV Paint TV Black 1 gallon $58.75 $54.25 Buy

Rosco Tough Prime
Covers just about any surface, including PVC pipe, aluminum, foams and plastics as well as muslin, wood and foam core. This is a quick drying, acrylic primer which dries to a tough, durable coating which can be painted over with any paint and is excellent for both interior and exterior use. paint-toughprime.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150060550128 Rosco Tough Prime Black 1 gallon $57.25 $57.25 Buy
150060500128 Rosco Tough Prime White 1 gallon $54.50 $54.50 Buy

Rosco Foamcoat
A water based, flame retardant, protective coating for Styrofoam and polystyrene foams. An acrylic slurry the consistency of wet plaster, Foamcoat dries to a super hard durable coating that resists chipping and cracking. It can be sanded smooth or carved with detailing. It's a texturing agent that can be used to create custom patterns like bark and stone work and is durable enough to be used on floors.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150071000128 Rosco Foamcoat 1 gallon $68.75 $68.75 Buy
150071000448 Rosco Foamcoat - 3 1/2 gallon $228.75 $228.75 Buy

VividFX Fluorescent Paint
VividFX paint is available in 13 colors. The vinyl, acrylic binder offers superb coverage and the exceptional pigments fluoresce brilliantly. VividFX paints intermix cleanly to allow a wide array of intermediate hues. You can even create fluorescent earth tones! And VividFX paints are compatible with all other Rosco scenic paints too. Use VividFX paints mixed into standard scenic paint when matching the brightest Pantone colors.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150062500032 Flourescent Paint Bright White - Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062510032 Flourescent Paint Lemon Yellow Quart $77.50 $77.50 Buy
150062520032 Flourescent Paint Orange Sunset Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062530032 Flourescent Paint Orange Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062540032 Flourescent Paint Scarlet Red Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062550032 Flourescent Paint Hot Pink Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062560032 Flourescent Paint Magenta Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062570032 Flourescent Paint Violet Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062580032 Flourescent Paint Deep Blue Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062590032 Flourescent Paint Brilliant Blue Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062600032 Flourescent Paint Aquamarine Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062610032 Flourescent Paint Electric Green Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy
150062620032 Flourescent Paint Deep Green Quart $69.75 $69.75 Buy

Rosco Off-Broadway Paint
This vinyl acrylic paint may be used right out of the bucket, or diluted to stretch your paint budget. It is a vinyl acrylic paint which may be used on a variety of surfaces. The wide range of theatrical colors allows anyone to paint drops and sets with true scenic paint.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
150053520128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Black 1 gallon $43.25 $43.25 Buy
150053520640 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Black 5 gallons $193.00 $193.00 Buy
150053560128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Burnt Sienna 1 gallon $43.25 $43.25 Buy
150053540128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Burnt Umber 1 gallon $43.25 $43.25 Buy
150053610128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Deep Red 1 gallon $69.50 $69.50 Buy
150053600128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Fire Red 1 gallon $70.25 $70.25 Buy
150053840128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Gold 1 gallon $111.25 $111.25 Buy
150053730128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Pthalo Blue 1 gallon $54.75 $54.75 Buy
150053710128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Pthalo Green 1 gallon $54.75 $54.75 Buy
150053560032 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Raw Sienna 1 gallon $43.25 $43.25 Buy
150053570128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Raw Umber 1 gallon $43.25 $43.25 Buy
150053850128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Silver 1gallon $111.25 $111.25 Buy
150053720128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Sky Blue 1 gallon $54.75 $54.75 Buy
150053590128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Ultramarine Blue 1 gallon $62.00 $62.00 Buy
150053500128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint White 1 gallon $38.75 $38.75 Buy
150053500640 Rosco Off Broadway Paint White 5 gallons $177.50 $177.50 Buy
150053510128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint White White 1 gallon $46.75 $46.75 Buy
150053510640 Rosco Off Broadway Paint White White 5 gallons $208.50 $208.50 Buy
150053530128 Rosco Off Broadway Paint Yellow Ochre 1 gallon $43.25 $43.25 Buy