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Animation/ Motion Effects
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*NEW LOCATION: 8655 Tamarack Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352* Please email us with any questions or call 818-762-0884 Email

Apollo Smart Move

Apollo's Smart Move® is the next generation in gobo moving effects technology. In addition to simple multi-direction rotation, the Smart Move offers an array of individual gobo movements without the need of a control board. The built-in, pre-programmed microprocessor provides the "smarts", while the rotary switches and speed control dial allow you to easily set the desired effect and its speed.

  • Reversible retaining ring holds one or two "B" size metal or glass gobos.
  • Fits ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL
  • Comes with 24v, 600mA AC adaptor
  • Infinitely variable speed from 0 to 21 rpm - bidirectional

Smart Move Jr. fits ETC Source Four Jr. and holds one "S4J" size gobo.
Smart Move DMX requires a 4-pin data cable and DMX power supply, purchased separately.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
SM-MOVE-S Apollo Simple Single  -  *More Info* $298.00 $279.00 Buy
SM-MOVE-JR Apollo Smart Move Jr.  -  *More Info* $378.00 $357.00 Buy
SM-MOVE-JR-DMX Apollo Smart Move Jr. DMX(Does not include power supply) $470.00 $425.00 Buy
SM-MOVE-000 Apollo Smart Move  -  *More Info* $398.00 $376.00 Buy
SM-MOVE-DMX Apollo Smart Move DMX (Does not include power supply)  -  *More Info* $498.00 $480.00 Buy
AC-SP-75W Smart Power 75 watt Power Supply  -  *More Info* $150.00 $135.00 Buy
AC-SP-200W Smart Power 200 watt Power Supply  -  *More Info* $725.00 $621.50 Buy
AC-SP-400W Smart Power 400 watt Power Supply  -  *More Info* $1,050.00 $900.00 Buy

Rosco Gobo Rotators

BeltDriveFX units have been reconceived and engineered from the ground up to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of applications including theatre, television, long running installations and retail environments.

Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
205642500000 RevoPro Dual Programmable Rotator  -  *More Info* $685.00 $636.10 Buy
205631000000 SimpleSpin Dual Gobo Rotator  -  *More Info* $455.00 $422.50 Buy

Rosco Power Supply
Rosco Power Supply Units are designed to control the Rosco Double and Single Indexing Gobo Rotators as well as the Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror. RoscoPower.jpg
Item # Item Description List Price Sell Price
205714020050 PSU-50  -  *More Info* $166.00 $166.00 Buy
205714020200 PSU-200  -  *More Info* $915.00 $915.00 Buy