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Wybron AutoPilot 2
Turn Moving Lights into Real-Time Tracking Followspots!

The Autopilot is a 3-D tracking system that turns moving lights into automated followspots that track performers in real time. The faster, easier-to-use Autopilot II has expanded memory capacity that allows users to control up to 60 moving lights. The new system - with a user-friendly graphic interface - also will be able to support new moving lights as they come on the market; users simply download software for new fixtures from Wybron's Web site. With the push of a button, Autopilot II automatically calibrates receivers and spotlights. It couldn't be simpler! And, there's even an on-line users manual for easy trouble shooting. The graphical interface not only makes set-up a breeze but also allows the user to monitor the status of the entire system through the use of real-time stage diagrams and other monitoring displays.

 How the AutoPilot II works...
The AutoPilot consists of a DMX compatible system controller, up to 4 transponder/beltpacks, and 5 to 8 receivers. When the system controller is connected between the lighting console and the automated lights, it allows all console-directed lighting parameters to pass through it as DMX data, except for "pan" and "tilt."
Each performer's beltpack sends a continuous stream of signals to the receivers overhead, which the system controller uses to locate the performers position relative to the stage area.
Using this information, the system controller generates continuous pan & tilt information and inserts it into the data stream as it's sent to the corresponding lights. If you choose, you can also ask the system controller to send data controlling zoom, focus, iris, and dimmer.
Great Features:
  • Cover up to 4 performers within 2400 square feet.
  • Control of all lighting parameters from the console (gobos, color, etc.)
  • Adjustable Height option lets you center the beam anywhere vertically on the performers body.
  • Autosize option allows you to hold constant beam size regardless of performer location.
  • Customize Boundary to control fade distance at edges of performance space.
  • Configurable Dead Zone allows you to create zones where a performer can travel without being followed. Following resumes automatically when the performer leaves the dead zone.
  • Zoning Option lets you sub-divide a performance area into independent coverage zones, complete with automatic cross-fading.
  • Uses no radio frequencies so it will not interfere with wireless microphones.
  • Point & Click simplicity with advanced new software!
  • Runs on Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Quick, intuitive set-up using graphics to reduce time & error.
  • Save different configurations to hard disk.
  • Autorun Option can be set to start automatically whenever system controller is powered up. On/off flexible.
  • Standard physical size means that system controllers can mount in a 3U, 19" rack space for easy, safe transport.
  • 100% complete. All you need is a computer to run the software. Yes, even batteries are included!
Available in a variety of system sizes! Call to discuss your needs and for a custom quote!